Hello World!!

Hi All!

I am so excited to share our daily events/activities with you all.

We are a homeschooling family of 2 smart beautiful little girls.  Our Journey Homeschooling started when we sent our daughter to kindergarten and after 2 weeks or the public school system and riding the bus we pulled her out and decided to continue at home.  We are now wrapping up her 3rd grade year and her sisters preschool year and are preparing for  a busy summer of planting, canning, fishing, camping and enjoying our friends and family.

We have an Art & Music Night coming up with our local Homeschool Community and a Trip planned to Michigan in July that the girls are very excited for.

My Friend and I just came back from the NHEAD homeschool Conference in Lincoln, NE. I will be talking about what I learned while we were there and about the curriculum I bought and what I am planning on using this coming year.

I also purchased the book Managers of Their Homes by Steven and Teri Maxwell while I was there.   As I read thru it I will fill you in along the way  on how the book is helping Me “Manage my Home”

My oldest daughter and I have just started our own crochet business called Hooked2gether Crochet . I will be talking about how we’ve been learning this skill together and all the great handcrafted items we make.

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